AVITAA Detergent Cake with active whiteners

Avitaa detergent cake, formulated with German technology, and full of surface-active agents, improves the dirt/stain removal in any textile material within minutes. With ease and soft to work, Avitaa detergent is very much friendly to skin that your hands love it. Its added features such as brightening agents, boosters and fragrances, enrich the appeal of the clothes you wear, making you smarter than before. With low cost, you get that rich look on your clothes.

AVITAA Detergent Powder with active boosters

AVITAA Detergent Powder, formulated with German technology, is an excellent choice for both hand wash and machine wash. Its formula helps easy removal of dirt, stains, oil and other greases on the fabric. This is suitable for all kinds of fabrics. At your budget, you get the richness and brightness of an expensive fabric.

AVITAA Mosquito Coil with fragrance

Since our inception of Avitaa Mosquito coil, we have focussed on developing a safe, natural, innovative remedy for mosquitoes that will help people lead richer and healthier lives. With a zeal to promote health all around the world, Avitaa mosquito coils are made of quality graded natural raw materials with floral fragrances, that emit non-toxic happy-lungs smoke with natural fragrances. Avitaa mosquito coils fights against mosquitoes more actively than any other coils leaving you with an uninterrupted sleep all night. By using Avitaa mosquito coil, you protect yourselves from most of the mosquito transmitted diseases such as malaria, dengue, chickungunya, and other fevers.

AVITAA LINA Dish Wash Bar with anti-bacterial lime flavour

AVITAA LINA dishwash bar not only keeps the utensils free of dirt and soil, but also free of bacteria. Its anti-bacterial formula with lemon extract fights against germs and leaves the utensils dirt-free and odour-free. With Avitaa Lina Dishwash bar, your food is being cooked and served on healthy germ free plates. Its foaming nature with every pinch makes you wash heaps of utensils at low cost.

Some of the important features of dishwash bar includes

  • Excellent tough food residue removal
  • Shiny end results
  • Easy dosing
  • Hygienic, efficient and safe
  • Residueless




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