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R Gold -
Refined Corn Premium Cooking Oil
The No.1 American Cooking Oil is now in India, under the brand Avitaa R-Gold.  We are the first and the only company to deal with corn oil in South India.  Most physicians and doctors around the world recommend corn oil for its healthy features.  The food prepared from corn oil is so light and delicious, you cannot afford to miss it.
A few important additional features of Avitaa R-Gold corn oil
  • Avitaa R-Gold is 100% free of cholesterol and saturated fat.  So it protects our heart and is very much suitable for heart patients.
  • The high smoke point of R-Gold enables us to reuse the oil until the last drop without change of quality of oil like coagulation and bad odour.
  • As the usage of R-Gold is proved to be 25 – 35% lesser compared to other oils, it is very economic, saving lots of money on your monthly oil budget.  For example, if you use 1000 ml of other oil to cook the same quantity of food, using Avitaa R-Gold, you will require only 600 – 700 ml of oil.
  • The richness of omega-3 and other vital vitamins and minerals, R-Gold is very much advised for pregnant women to keep their uterus strong and capable of carrying the foetus and also for smooth normal delivery.  R-Gold is equally good for lactinating women.
  • For heavy eaters, R-Gold corn oil is a boon that they don’t feel any heaviness or acidic sensation in spite of consuming a large quality of oil foods cooked using R-Gold.
  • R-Gold can also be used by dieting people to maintain their weight and keep them slim and fit.
  • Regular consumption of corn oil smoothes your skin leaving you with silky feel, enhances dark and dense hair growth and also nourishes the reproductive organs.
  • Energy rich oils have high cholesterol; cholesterol free oils have low energy level.  But Avitaa R-Gold is full of energy with nil cholesterol.
  • “ Eat healthy – Live healthy”
    R-Gold Features